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Ali and Rachel

HI! We are Ali and Rachel, a 30ish couple making a home in Portland, Oregon. Like many of our peers, we are burdened down with large debt from education-related loans. We’re tired of working hard only to buy too much stuff, and in effect maintain a lifestyle of ridiculous spending. We’re taking a sober look at our life choices and making some big changes… our goal is to be completely debt-free by December 31, 2011 (starting from almost $70k in December 2010).

If you’re interested in asking questions or sharing your own story/advice, we welcome readers to send us REAL MAIL at the following address:

Ali & Rachel H
PO Box 11506
Portland, OR 97211

As many of our new life choices involve slowing down to think about things with intention, we are encouraging old-fashion correspondence.

(PS: custom illustration work done by Chris Beetow)

Update 3/23/2012:

A Q&A about our project was featured in the Oregonian, in an article written by Kelly House. You can see the online version here.

Note that much of our debt decimation strategy comes from the financial principles set forth by Dave Ramsey in his book The Total Money Makeover. We discuss overall bullet points in this post from May 2011. We are thankful to have found such a common sense, yet appropriately challenging, approach to create a new normal that involves becoming financially independent from the chains of debt. Our life stories are now changed.. for the better.

One thought on “about us

  1. Alex

    Hi Ali and Rachel,

    Hoping this email makes it to you! I’m a producer with the Open Account podcast from Panoply & Umpqua bank, and I’m wondering if one of you would have a few minutes to talk on the phone with me to see if you’d be interested in sharing your story with us. Wouldn’t take long, maybe a 10-15 minute call to see if theres a fit.



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