February Spencer update

We got another monthly report to update you on. We have been doing pretty well with our budget and trying to cut out a lot of extra expenses, such as going out. Because of this, we are feeling a little better about the amount we need in savings for emergencies and are tapping into that to really get things moving. Stay tuned for a couple of posts from me regarding some of the ways we are trying to cut down on big portions of our budget.

Here is our updated Spencer. He is filling out pretty nicely.

debt snowball spencer rhino

starting total (12/1/10): $69,176.76
paid so far: $28,500.00
left to go before 12/31/2011: $40,777.09

I noticed a minor detail with the numbers and that a small part of our money does go to interest each month. Should I worry about that calculation? I could add a line that shows that and also add how much interest we are saving by paying extra. Would this be of any curiousity to you?

5 thoughts on “February Spencer update

  1. jill bliss

    i just found your website and love the idea of this! i’ve also been working on simplifying my life and debt. just finished reading “your money or your life” by vicki robin from the library. lots of great ideas in there, and also several types of investment strategies once you’re debt free. recommend it!

    1. alijoon Post author

      @jillbliss Thanks for the recommendation. Rachel says she has read it but I have not. I put a hold for it at the library and am looking forward to reading it on the train.


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