April Spencer Update

This one is running a little late because we were travelling in the Bay Area for a wedding the past week. We have a pretty nice setup there. I am originally from there so we have a place to stay and a car to use to get around while we are there. My company also has a small satellite office so I can take several extra days and work from there. This allows me to fly on off peak days and still save up my vacation days.

It appears we are starting to get some consistency on our spending and budget.

debt snowball spencer rhino

starting total (12/1/10): $69,176.76
paid so far: $40,500.00
left to go before 12/31/2011: $29004.59

3 thoughts on “April Spencer Update

  1. laurenne

    Cooool! I didn’t know about this! This was my goal last year, and it was really tough but SO WORTH IT TO FINALLY CLICK ‘SUBMIT’ LAST WEEK!!!!!!
    So freeing and absolutely worth the few years of painful decisions for a lifetime of relief and no looming cloud of debt. I hope this blog reaches millions of people because we’d all be so much happier without debt! So inspiring!!! Good luck.

  2. Jessica

    WOW Rachel, just wow. Congratulations on making it so far and it’s only April.

    So inspiring! Now to chip away at the credit card debt I have looming..

  3. rose

    inspirational! i literally referenced your endeavors here while david and i were/are continually discussing our next life moves…


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