“We’re doing it wrong.”

It’s our joke as a couple

The thing we say

When what we really mean is

“Debt has left us black-eyed and bleeding.”


It’s not really keeping up with the Joneses.

It isn’t about your vacations or your fancy houses – yes, plural?!

Your new cars or your HDTVs.

(Though we make our secret faces

When we read about them in your Christmas letters.)


When we lean together and whisper

– oh, we can be so snarky –

It comes out “We’re doing it wrong”

But what we’re really saying is

“We’re trying to do it right.


$90,000 to pay off, and we’re only

Two people working hard with four hands

And eight (closed) credit cards and

Just as many part-time jobs

And only 24 hours in a day.


So we crack our jokes, share our secret battle cry.

We’re strong enough to be debt-free for good,

And if “doing it wrong” looks an awful lot

Like wearing dollar shirts and watching Redbox,

Then I guess you can keep your Hollister.


When debt’s gone

 – we’re still learning to drop the “if” -

We both know it’s not the things we crave.

It’s the freedom we envy.

To do it wrong ourselves if we want.


Or to do it right.



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