the last day of a very old year…

Ali and I are ready for the new year. We have lots of ideas, plans, and mischievous adventures ahead.

Here are a few notable moments from the second part of 2009:

1) In August and September, we tried a raw food diet for awhile, then switched to vegetarian eating habits for a month or so. Our bodies felt better taking a break from the preservatives, additives, and heavy oils common to an American diet. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, we were back to a more “normal” western carnivore habits, but much more conscious of the food choices we make.

2) For the past couple of months we have been part of a financial management class and working some Dave Ramsey material. It’s good stuff! We now have a much more balanced and communicated plan for our long-term savings and goals, and I feel like I understand how money works better now. We both have a lot of school-related debt and hope to conquer this as soon as possible before buying a house.

3) We have been trying to simplify our lives as much as possible. There’s a GREAT new book out called “Unclutter your life in one week” that helped us sort through our STUFF as we pack up the house. We highly recommend it if you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the stuff sitting around your home.

4) We have vacated Massachusetts! For the past year we have LOVED our home in Lowell, north of Boston – but when our lease came up for renewal and Ali’s job was no longer leaving him satisfied, we knew it was time to move on. We’ve been formulating a plan and started applying for jobs abroad, and most of December was spent tying up all of our projects in Massachusetts.

Ali and I have been on a giant holiday roadtrip from December 15-28. We started in Pennsylvania and Ohio, then headed south to Tennessee and Louisiana. We spent Christmas in Dallas, spent a few days in Phoenix with Ali’s sister, and last night we landed in San Jose for new years celebrations with the Irani crew.

While we job search abroad, we are temporarily housed in the San Francisco area. Ali is looking for analog circuit design jobs in western europe, and I’ll be taking a sabbatical from my photography business and learning how to be a trophy wife. :)

If you’re checking this blog, there’s a good chance that you received our traditional new years greeting in the mail. That photo was the last taken in our old apartment right before we found a place for ALL of that luggage in our little VW Golf. We had spent the previous week packing, pruning, cleaning, and definitely did not get any sleep as we planned for our uncertain path.

3 thoughts on “the last day of a very old year…

  1. Kimberly

    Just read this post and wondering if you have been in touch with they produce their own computers and make circuit boards – they must have some department for designing them. Hatteland Group is located in Nedre Vats tucked in the middle of nowhere (or paradise as the locals call it). Tucked in the end of a fjord, this could be a nice place to take pictures too!

  2. rachel Post author

    It’s so funny to look back a year later and read our plans from the beginning of the year! I’m really glad we didn’t end up abroad after all. It was a clever plan, though.


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