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what I’m reading

I gotta be honest, I see the new Bank of America debit-related fees in direct correlation with airlines charging for luggage. I don’t understand why people don’t immediately bail on BofA for better organizations. I’m happy with my experiences with the local credit union for my business accounts, and Ali and I use ING direct for our personal finances. Recommend!

Here’s some of what I am reading this week:

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Is Bank of America’s $5 Monthly Debit Card Fee Just the Beginning? (Wisebread, Paul Michael)

Avoiding the Poverty Tax (Wisebread, Philip Brewer)

Use These Printable Money Envelopes to Switch to Cash and Stay on Budget (Today’s Nest, via Lifehacker)

You don’t need the new iPhone (mnmlist) ‘Men have become tools of their tools.’ ~Henry David Thoreau

The Benefits of Buying Virtually Everything Used (TIME, J.D. Roth)

9 Ways to Earn Extra Cash When Money Is Tight (Wisebread, Mikey Rox)