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Your Money or Your LIfe…

My hypothesis – we think about money too much, but we don’t talk about money often or honestly enough.

There seems to be a great deal of baggage automatically bundled with financial topics. From what I can see most people experience extreme, negative emotions – shame, greed, and and scarcity mentality – when they consider their financial situation. It’s easy to think about money too much. So why don’t people talk about it more?

We discovered, since starting this journey to financial freedom, that sharing our financial goals seems to give others permission to share their own story. A chorus of me too resonates any time we talk about the huge size of our debt or the fact that we’re keen to be rid of this burden. And a chorus of Instead, you should… comes from many who have walked the path before and found a way they consider successful. It’s fascinating from every angle – socially, psychologically, spiritually.

Thinking back to my ignorant younger years, I wish I had honest and thought-provoking conversations about money when I was in college.  If only I had been able to realize how little I understood at the time, you bet your boots I would have gone right out and gotten some education to mind that gap – and certainly would have thought twice about those convenient sign-on-the-dotted-line educational loans. Boy, life would be different if I had understood how to make dollars mind their own business at an earlier age. But I digress.

I came here to share this – local Portland artist Jill Bliss recently blogged about a fantastic resource – a book called “Your Money or Your Life.” I’m so honored that she linked to our little blog from her post! Upon her recommendation, Ali went out and got the book from the library and has been enjoying it since.

Also, awhile back I came across a really cool post on one of those crazy-popular blogs called SimpleMom. This post talks very openly and honestly about money – and the comments are great! Let’s Talk Money at SimpleMom.